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I am become climbing frame!

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Jul. 24th, 2007 | 02:21 am
mood: busy busy
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

In the two weeks since I was last online to update this community, all three kittens have developed fast!

Tigger is absolutely enormous - he's almost twice the size of Twisp, and I swear, he's going to be bigger than Moogle by the time he finishes growing!

Al three kittens have learned how to climb, hiss, spit, jump and (surprisingly, they learned this on their own!) how to use the litter tray!

Twisp has decided that she likes to sit in the crook between my thighs whenever I'm sitting crosslegged on the floor - she loves it even more if I'm wearing a skirt, as that way, she can watch without being seen and attack with surprise, anything that gets too close.

Spork is the best climber of the three, I keep finding him sitting at the top of the back of my office-chair, lording it over Tigger and Twisp!

We used to keep the three of them barriered into my office - but they learned how to get out sometime last week. So we stopped blocking the door, and now allow them to roam free.

This means, however, that we keep having to fish them out from under the TV unit in the bedroom!

Because my computer is currently set up on two boxes on the floor, I have to sit on the floor to use it. This means that I am the perfect target for the kittens to play on! I have become their climbing frame!

I frequently resort to using large baggy jumpers, because they have a habit (especially Twisp) of climbing my back, arms and chest. Currently, I am covered head to toe in kitten-scratches! Mostly situated around my ankles and hands though, as for some reason, the kittens have decided that my feet are perfect target practice.

I did take many photographs over the two week period - but somehow, my digicam's memory card has corrupted, and I lost all the photographs! Which has sorely annoyed me, because some of the photo's were brilliant.

I will try and get some more photos done.

On the bad side - Spork appears to have a mild eye infection and a slight cold. I have been cleaning Spork's right eye every day for the past month, with a damp cotton bud. The problem hasn't cleared up, so I am planning on taking him to the vet.

Twisp is also still the smallest, and I have a feeling that it is to do with the fact that her preferred teat is not sustaining her enough. It has been reccomended to me that I try and feed her on supplements as well as getting her to feed alone with Moogle, on one of the other kitten's preferred teats.

More updates as soon as!

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From: chibibecca
Date: Jul. 24th, 2007 01:38 am (UTC)

mweh, meh.. my poor spork. and poor twisp too! i bet tigger is literally getting the lion share of the milk. ^^;

stupid cameras.. sorry to hear that about yours. xx; *hug*

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From: whisperelmwood
Date: Jul. 29th, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)

As far as I can tell - they actually all feed roughly at the same time, for roughly the same amount of time. But Tigger is eating biscuits as well now - so that probably contributes to his hugeness.

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