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Day 14

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Jun. 21st, 2007 | 05:02 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

Yay, the kittens are two weeks old today! (well, technically tomorrow!)

I wieghed the kits again today, Tigger and Twisp are currently both at 13oz and Spork is at 12oz. Tigger really is getting huge!

I looked them up on WikiPedia today, and it turns out that Tigger and Twisp both sport the 'Mackeral' Tabby markings, Tigger in dark grey and black and Twisp in black, grey and silver. Spork has 'Classic' Tabby markings.

Moogle apparantly doesn't like the new litter I bought for her tray. I bought it because it isn't dusty like the previous one, but she keeps displaying her displeasure at me by looking at it and then wailing at me. However, she does eventually use it, because there's nowhere else for her to go ^^

I'm not looking forward to teaching the kits where to go o0

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