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Spork 08/06/07 - 08/09/08 We will miss you

Sep. 9th, 2008 | 02:30 pm
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp


On Sunday evening, when we called the cats in, Spork did not come home. This was nothing new, we decided to let him stay out a while longer. At about 2 am, I tried to call him in again, but still, he did not come home. We went to bed, deciding he'd be alright out for the night.

On Monday, when we failed to hear his loud squeaky greeting at all, all day, I decided to go and look for him.

Late Monday afternoon, I found Spork, lying in the grass by the side of the main road beyond our house. He had been hit on his way home and passed away from his injuries - we think he died instantly and without suffering.

Spork was fifteen months old, to the day.

He had fifteen months of driving us nuts, playing, squeaking, adventuring and being loved thoroughly and without question. He had a good life and he will be forever missed.

Today, we buried him in the garden. I plan to make a plaque to put on the wall over his burial plot and we are going to plant flowers over him.

I will never forget the joy he brought to us every day of his life, from the first moments of his life, to the last. I only regret that we couldn't spend fifteen years together, but the fifteen months he was with us were unforgettable, and we were so happy he was a part of our lives.

Spork. We will miss you.




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Seven Months Old!

Jan. 30th, 2008 | 12:24 am
mood: amused amused
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

I'm so sorry I've kept up with this - but here's an image intensive post for you all to enjoy! ^^

Moogle, with Twisp (centre) and Spork.
Look how are kittens have grown!
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Week 09

Aug. 6th, 2007 | 01:09 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

The kittens will be 10 weeks old this thursday!

They are progressing very well - Spork's eye infection cleared up all on it's own and Twisp is beginning to catch up with him size-wise. Tigger is still huge and rambunctious.

Tigger is eating all the biscuits and is beginning to like the idea of meat.

Twisp is eating everything in sight! If Tigger or Moogle leave meat, she'll eat it for them if we don't catch her.

Spork is still turning his nose up at meat, but he loves the buiscuits.

All of them still pester Moogle-Mama for milk - though she's begun telling them to bugger off.

Tigger is the leader of the gang at the moment - Spork, who is normally quite calm, is constantly pulled into Tigger and Twisp's silliness!

Because Tigger is now old enough and big enough, he will be moving to his new home on thursday. Steve will be taking him in. Steve lives just around the corner, so I will still be able to update about Tigger, to a certain extent ^^

Here's to a safe and relaxed move!



Jul. 28th, 2007 | 05:18 pm
mood: playful playful
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

Here's a bunch of photographs for you all to enjoy!

Sooooo not Dail-Up friendly.
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I am become climbing frame!

Jul. 24th, 2007 | 02:21 am
mood: busy busy
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

In the two weeks since I was last online to update this community, all three kittens have developed fast!

Tigger is absolutely enormous - he's almost twice the size of Twisp, and I swear, he's going to be bigger than Moogle by the time he finishes growing!

Al three kittens have learned how to climb, hiss, spit, jump and (surprisingly, they learned this on their own!) how to use the litter tray!

Twisp has decided that she likes to sit in the crook between my thighs whenever I'm sitting crosslegged on the floor - she loves it even more if I'm wearing a skirt, as that way, she can watch without being seen and attack with surprise, anything that gets too close.

Spork is the best climber of the three, I keep finding him sitting at the top of the back of my office-chair, lording it over Tigger and Twisp!

We used to keep the three of them barriered into my office - but they learned how to get out sometime last week. So we stopped blocking the door, and now allow them to roam free.

This means, however, that we keep having to fish them out from under the TV unit in the bedroom!

Because my computer is currently set up on two boxes on the floor, I have to sit on the floor to use it. This means that I am the perfect target for the kittens to play on! I have become their climbing frame!

I frequently resort to using large baggy jumpers, because they have a habit (especially Twisp) of climbing my back, arms and chest. Currently, I am covered head to toe in kitten-scratches! Mostly situated around my ankles and hands though, as for some reason, the kittens have decided that my feet are perfect target practice.

I did take many photographs over the two week period - but somehow, my digicam's memory card has corrupted, and I lost all the photographs! Which has sorely annoyed me, because some of the photo's were brilliant.

I will try and get some more photos done.

On the bad side - Spork appears to have a mild eye infection and a slight cold. I have been cleaning Spork's right eye every day for the past month, with a damp cotton bud. The problem hasn't cleared up, so I am planning on taking him to the vet.

Twisp is also still the smallest, and I have a feeling that it is to do with the fact that her preferred teat is not sustaining her enough. It has been reccomended to me that I try and feed her on supplements as well as getting her to feed alone with Moogle, on one of the other kitten's preferred teats.

More updates as soon as!


Day 22

Jun. 28th, 2007 | 12:58 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

The kittens have turned from wobbly balls of fluff, into wobbly miniature cats! ^^

They are so damn cute. All three of them now know how to purr, all three of them have started cleaning their paws and all three of them have learned how to curl up in perfect imitation of mom - front paws tucked into chest, back a perfect curve, tails wrapped arounf back legs.

All three kittens have also started play-fighting. So far, Twisp (the only female) tends to be the instigator and the victor of every fight ^^

I wieghed them all this afternoon, Tigger and Spork are both at 16oz, Twisp is at 14oz! ^^

They are getting big, though Tigger is the biggest. He also has the brightest, bluest eyes of the litter!

They've all started exploring quite far from home. You have to watch your step now, because a kitten could randomly waddle underfoot at any moment!


Day 14

Jun. 21st, 2007 | 05:02 pm
mood: sleepy sleepy
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

Yay, the kittens are two weeks old today! (well, technically tomorrow!)

I wieghed the kits again today, Tigger and Twisp are currently both at 13oz and Spork is at 12oz. Tigger really is getting huge!

I looked them up on WikiPedia today, and it turns out that Tigger and Twisp both sport the 'Mackeral' Tabby markings, Tigger in dark grey and black and Twisp in black, grey and silver. Spork has 'Classic' Tabby markings.

Moogle apparantly doesn't like the new litter I bought for her tray. I bought it because it isn't dusty like the previous one, but she keeps displaying her displeasure at me by looking at it and then wailing at me. However, she does eventually use it, because there's nowhere else for her to go ^^

I'm not looking forward to teaching the kits where to go o0


(no subject)

Jun. 19th, 2007 | 10:10 pm
posted by: chibibecca in mooglentwisp

kittens = becca melting and going all gooey in a 'omg so cute ARGH wanna pet them all day so cuuute! ;___;' sort of way.

twisp and tigger have discovered a whole new world out of their box, and by damn, they're going to explore it!
..at a crawl, with entirely wobbly bodies with which they keep falling over. :P they've started to look around a bit too, craning their heads upwards and STARING all '=O.O=!! i see movement!' sort of way.
poor little spork is stuck behind because his eyes aren't fully open yet.. so they leave him all alone in the box to sniff at the ground and wonder where everyone vanished to. i helped him out just now with a gentle shove to the bottom to get him over the low edge of the box. it didn't seem fair that he was stuck in there while the other two were feeding. ^^; moogle helped the other two out by batting at them with her paws as if they were her toy mice. she's a happy mum, but she's obviously very inexperienced.

tigger just now decided that moogle was NOT going to lick his butt and positively ZOOMED across the floor. moogle was left to sit there and wonder how her kitten had vanished. :P

i took some more photos and some video shots. they'll get uploaded once i've set up my computer back at the parent's house. ^^


Day 12

Jun. 19th, 2007 | 09:25 pm
mood: curious curious
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

For the past couple of days, the kittens have been investigating the entrance of the box, looking out at the room, to see what the rest of the world looks like.

Today, I came upstairs to sort out Moogle's litter-tray, and I found Tigger had made his way out of the box and was investigating the rest of the room!

I left him to it while I sorted out the tray, and he watched me so avidly! He was following my every move!

Once I was done, I put him back in with the other kittens and Moogle.

Also, for the past couple of days, I've heard an extra purring whilse the kittens feed. Today, I decided to figure out which one it was, and it turns out that it's Tigger again! He's purring so loudly, and you can feel his ribs vibrating!

This evening, we came upstairs again, to find Tigger and Twisp out of the box together! They were both out investigating happilly, while Moogle watched on and Spork stayed in the box.

We found this to be so cute, we left them to it, and now Spork has joined them!

All three kittens are really investigating everything around them now, and their eye's are wide open! Thier noses constantly twitch, they play-fight with each other and they crawl all over the place. They are all still VERY wobbly though! None of them are yet standing up, but they are very mobile! It looks like I'll have to kitten-proof the room and make sure they can't get through the door!

Currently Moogle is spread out over the floor, with the kittens all feeding. It's so lovely to see them out of the box and investigating the wider world ^^


Day 09

Jun. 15th, 2007 | 02:06 pm
mood: hungry hungry
posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

Moogle is definitely bored! She'sbeen tearing around the house in the evenings, tail up, skidding at corners and basically having a great time. I'll have to get her some new toys - or make some maybe.

Twisp's eyes are completely open! She's still not focusing very well, but she's looking around and seems interested in everything!

Wieghing them today, Tigger is definitely the biggest, and getting bigger!

Tigger is now 10oz, Spork is 9oz and Twisp has caught up at 9oz!

They are getting bigger every day, and more adventurous and vocal!

Moogle is always hungry, so I think I'm going to have to get some more food again soon!