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Seven Months Old!

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Jan. 30th, 2008 | 12:24 am
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posted by: whisperelmwood in mooglentwisp

I'm so sorry I've kept up with this - but here's an image intensive post for you all to enjoy! ^^

Moogle, with Twisp (centre) and Spork.
Look how are kittens have grown!

Here's Moogle! She's not changed much ^^ She's laid back normally, content to watch the kittens at whatever they're up too - though sometimes, she'll leap into the frey jsut for the hell of it, let off some steam and then go back to watching them!

Here's Twisp! She's still the littlest, she's about half the size of Spork now, but she makes up for it in nuisance XD She's rowdy and destructive, but she's also a lovely little cutie when she wants to be - she's very much in love with pettins. I love her kinked nose XD

Here's Spork! Spork is the most laid back cat I have ever known! He's gentle and sweet, but he's terribly dumb XD I fear the poor thing got forgotten when the brains were handed out! He loves to curl up on people's laps, and has a thing for pouncing feet as they walk past him, but he is generally to be found lying around, stretched out to his longest - quite often with his back legs splayed wide open to prove that he's male! He's also bigger than Moogle now!

Here's Twisp and Spork together - compare the sizes! Twisp is tiny compared to Spork!

Here's the cats at Christmas 2007! Moogle's second Christmas, the kittens first.

And that's it for now ^^

This Thursday, Spork is going in for his castration! He's reached the age where he's trying to mount Moogle and Twisp, and because Moogle has gone back into heat again, they've been seperated! So - following the op, they'll all be back together again.

Good luck, Spork ^^

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From: chibibecca
Date: Jan. 30th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)

poor spork, he doesn't know what's going to happen to him!

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