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Jun. 19th, 2007 | 10:10 pm
posted by: chibibecca in mooglentwisp

kittens = becca melting and going all gooey in a 'omg so cute ARGH wanna pet them all day so cuuute! ;___;' sort of way.

twisp and tigger have discovered a whole new world out of their box, and by damn, they're going to explore it!
..at a crawl, with entirely wobbly bodies with which they keep falling over. :P they've started to look around a bit too, craning their heads upwards and STARING all '=O.O=!! i see movement!' sort of way.
poor little spork is stuck behind because his eyes aren't fully open yet.. so they leave him all alone in the box to sniff at the ground and wonder where everyone vanished to. i helped him out just now with a gentle shove to the bottom to get him over the low edge of the box. it didn't seem fair that he was stuck in there while the other two were feeding. ^^; moogle helped the other two out by batting at them with her paws as if they were her toy mice. she's a happy mum, but she's obviously very inexperienced.

tigger just now decided that moogle was NOT going to lick his butt and positively ZOOMED across the floor. moogle was left to sit there and wonder how her kitten had vanished. :P

i took some more photos and some video shots. they'll get uploaded once i've set up my computer back at the parent's house. ^^

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